Nuclear Theory for Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions

This is a new website for an European group NT¤ of Nuclear Theorists. The group NT¤ was formed following the report from the preliminary Town Meeting at the INPC Conference, 29th June 2004.

Town Meeting, 10th April 2006

NT¤ has the following purposes:

  • To strengthen and promote the role of Nuclear Theory (defined in the context of the new NuPECC long range plan) in building a European Research Area.

  • To plan Town Meetings

  • To emphasise the importance of nuclear theory for long term planning (foresight), especially for future experiments.

  • To provide a coherent and representative voice for European nuclear theorists to input to ESF for future EU framework proposals.

  • We include nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, and nuclear astrophysics.


The website (so far) provides

  (further suggestions welcome!)

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