Nuclear Theory for Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions

Programme for the April Town Meeting

Lecture Theatre F

1015-1020 Welcome and introduction to NT¤ - Jim Al-Khalili

1020-1100 Challenges in Reaction theory - Ian Thompson

1115-1130 coffee

1130-1215 Challenges on low-energy nuclear theory – David Dean

1215-1300 Application relevant reaction calculations needs and requirements - Helmut Leeb

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1430 The Physics programme at SPIRAL2 - Philippe Chomaz

On the organization of the RIA theory group – David Dean

1515-1530 coffee

1530-1700 Open debate (Chair Jacek Dobaczewski) - to discuss role and way forward for European nuclear theory network NT¤, and need for executive committee and charter.

See here for the Draft Charter.
Discussion forum about the charter.

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