Nuclear Theory for Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions

Proposal for a

European Nuclear Theory group


To try to establish a European Nuclear Theory group from which networks can naturally emerge in areas of nuclear theory currently lacking a coherent and democratic voice in shaping the future of the field.


To strengthen and promote the role of European Nuclear Theory (defined in the context of the new NuPECC long range plan) in building a European Research Area. The new group should emphasise the importance of nuclear theory for long term planning (foresight), especially for future experiments, and provide a coherent and representative voice for European nuclear theorists to input to ESF for future EU framework proposals.


Report from preliminary Town Meeting at the INPC Conference, 29th June 2004:

1.     Theory networks already exist in HADRONS, but are more fragmented in EURONS. TNET exists, coordinated by Thompson, but there are many people not represented. The GSI/NUSTAR LoI from Lenske has over 150 theorists attached. There is a manifest need for coordination between these proposals, leading to the current Town Meeting called by Al-Khalili.

2.     A clear majority of the audience of ~ 50 theorists was favourable to the idea of an European initiative. There were however conflicting opinions about the mechanisms for getting there, and in particular the pace. The meeting ended with a suggestion from Weise that the HADRONS and EURONS theory coordinators try to come together with the aim of future coordination.
A suggestion for an initiative
connected with “Nuclear Theory for Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions” emerged from the meeting, with possible name “NT¤” (NT-star).
This would encompass TNET and NUSTAR activities.

3.     The role of ECT* was discussed. The ECT* statutes give it the mission of a scientific institution, not for lobbying, and it represents nuclear physics in the broad framework of the NuPECC long range plan.

 Jim Al-Khalili, Ian Thompson, Jan Vaagen

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