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Workshop Presentations, 10-12 April 2006

Monday 10th Person Institution Presentation (pdf)
10.20am Ian Thompson Surrey Challenges in Reaction theory
11.30am David Dean ORNL Challenges on low-energy nuclear theory
12.15pm Helmut Leeb Wien Application relevant reaction calculations needs and requirements
Tuesday 11th      
9.00am Ian Thompson Surrey Welcome & Introduction
9.15am Marielle Chartier Liverpool Exotic Nuclei studied in light-ion induced reactions at the future NESR storage ring
9.45am Robert Roth Darmstadt Nuclear Structure and Reactions with Correlated Realistic NN-Potentials
10.15am coffee    
11.00am Michele Viviani Pisa Few-nucleon reactions and the nuclear interaction
11.30am Reiner Krücken München AIC and other NUSTAR activities
12.00noon Jan Vaagen Bergen Need for Phenomenology
12.30pm lunch    
2.00pm Francisco Pérez Bernal Huelva Continuum Discretization and Coulomb Breakup. Application of the THO Formalism
2.30pm Antonio Moro Sevilla Interplay between breakup and transfer to the continuum
3.00pm Massimo Alvioli Perugia A realistic many-body approach to high-energy scattering processes off complex nuclei
3.20pm coffee    
4.00pm Elias Khan Orsay Two neutrons transfer close to the drip-line
4.30pm Joaquin Gomez Camacho Sevilla Scattering of exotic nuclei around the coulomb barrier: Experiments and theory
5.00pm Discussion    
Wednesday 12th      
9.15am Roy Lemmon Daresbury Reactions with relativistic radioactive beams
9.45am Pierre Capel Brussels/ Triumf Breakup of halo nuclei within a Dynamical Eikonal Model
10.15am coffee    
11.00pm Antonio Fonseca Lisboa p-d elastic scattering and breakup
11.30am David Dean ORNL Coupled-cluster theory approaches to nuclei
12.00noon Manuela Rodriguez Gallardo Lisboa Structure and reactions of 6He
12.30pm lunch    
2.00pm Giuseppina Orlandini U. Trento EM probes for the study of light nuclei
2.30pm Christine Carter Surrey Knockout reactions
3.00pm Ramon Wyss Stockholm Critical remarks on the spin orbit interaction in mean field models
3.30pm Niels Walet Manchester Hard-core truncated CCM; Correlations and high energy scattering
4.00pm coffee    
6.00pm dinner Seasons  

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