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Workshop, 10-12 April 2006

Preamble: A TNET workshop will be held at the University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K. from 9am on Monday the 10th April until 5pm on Wednesday 12th April 2006. It thereby overlaps on the Monday the Town Meeting being organised by NT¤, with which there are many personnel and scientific overlaps.

The scientific programme of the TNET part of the meeting (Tuesday am to Wed pm) will be directed toward the theory that will be useful and new European facilities such as FAIR at GSI. The experiments will often be at 100-1000 MeV/u.  To this end, the following topics need to be addressed:

Short-range correlations in nuclei
Shell effects far from stability
Knockout & stripping reactions
Off-shell and/or finite-range effects in knockout reactions
Improving impulse approximations
Breakup reactions
Charge-exchange reactions
Meson (etc) production & exchange currents
Polarisation  - in any of the above reactions
Comparing exclusive & inclusive reactions at intermediate energies

Someone from each group could talk about topics such as these, and suggest some speaker. At least the first speaker from each of the TNET institutions will have all their local expenses paid at Surrey.  Please give me a good estimate of the total number of people coming, for planning accommodation.

Although some of the above topics are not the ‘expertise’ at the universities, but we would still be interested very much in hearing thoughts on these questions. This is not a general nuclear physics conference at which there is talk about what each group has done in the recent years, but one that looks forward to what can/will be needed and done in the future.

Other good speakers from outside the TNET group, whether theory or experiment, will be invited to attend. This includes some experimental speakers, and from other groups from within EURONS.

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