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People registered for the Workshop 7-11 January 2008

Attendee Institution


Talk Arrive Leave   7     8     9    10   11   12 
Jeff Tostevin Surrey  1 Observing correlations using reactions 6 12 x x x x x x
Jan Vaagen Bergen  2 Lessons from Helsinki 7 9 x x x      
Antonio Fonseca Lisboa  3 Three-body approach to direct nuclear reactions 5 10 x x x x    
Giuseppina Orlandini  

U. Trento


Ab-initio (LIT) method for reactions in the continuum and applications

7 11 x  x  x  x x  
Winfried Leidemann U. Trento 5 Study of reactions with the Lorentz integral transform (LIT) method 7 11 x  x  x  x x  
Pierre Descouvemont Brussels  6 Challenges for three-body scattering problems 6 11 x  x  x  x x  
Pierre Capel Brussels  7  Analysis of 8B break-up experiments with a Dynamical Eikonal Approximation 6 11 x x x x x  
M. Rodriguez Gallardo Lisboa 8 Standard four-body CDCC calculations 7 12 x x x x x x
Jimmy Rotureau ORNL 9 Density Matrix Renormalization Group Approach for many body open quantum systems 6 12 x x x x x x
Gaute Hagen ORNL 10 Coupled-Cluster Approach to Nuclear Structure 6 11 x  x  x  x x  
Antonio Moro Sevilla 11 Extracting spectroscopic information from transfer reactions involving weakly bound nuclei 7 12 x x x x x x
J. Gomez Camacho Sevilla 12 Algebraic approach to the scattering with internal degrees of freedom 7 12 x x x x x x
Ron Johnson Surrey 13 Transfer Reactions with Deuterons 6 12 x x x x x x

Arnau Rios Huguet

MSU 14 A time-dependent Green's functions approach to nuclear reactions 7 12 x x x x x x
Mahir Hussein MPI Dresden  15 Absorption-Fluctuation Theorem for Nuclear Reactions 6 11 x  x  x  x x  
Haik Simon GSI 16 Correlation studies in 3-body halo break-up reactions 6 11 x  x  x  x x  
Marek Ploszajczak GANIL 17 Many-body calculations for weakly-bound and unbound states 7 11 x  x  x  x x  
Paul Stevenson Surrey 18 Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock for structure and reactions 6 12 x x x x x x
Marcella Grasso Orsay 19 Evolution of proton states in neutron-rich Ca and Ar isotopes 7 11 x  x  x  x x  
Raquel Crespo IST, Lisboa 20 Faddeev multiple scattering calculations for proton elastic and break-up scattering from halo nuclei 6 12 x x x x x x
Angela Bonaccorso Pisa 21 No 7 9 x x x      
Jim Al-Khalili Surrey 22 The two-potential approach to one-proton emission 9 12      x  x x x
Markus Stauf Manchester 23 Coupled cluster method with a hardcore potential for finite nuclei 6 12 x x x x x x
Sofia Quaglione LLNL 24 Extending the ab initio no-core shell model to the continuum via the resonating-group method 7 11 x  x  x  x x  
Hermann Wolter Munich 25 The nuclear symmetry energy at low density 6 11 x x x x x  
Oyvind Jensen Bergen 26 No 6 12 x x x x x x
Elizabeth Cunningham Surrey 27 No 6 12 x x x x x x
Emma Suckling Surrey 28 No 6 12 x x x x x x
Edward Simpson Surrey 29 No 6 12 x x x x x x

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