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New Theory for new Experiments:

The new experimental facilities being planned and built will cover experimental reaction studies for a wide range of energies with exotic nuclei far off stability, with emphasis on nuclear structure and dynamics, and astrophysical aspects. The new projects will demand, with their versatile experimental arrangements, many different kinds of reaction mechanisms with radioactive beams. New experimental results of high accuracy and completeness; e.g. quasi-elastic scattering experiments in reverse kinematics detecting all outgoing reaction products including the recoil protons from the target. This requires the development of reaction theory to the same accuracy that is currently achieved for dedicated light-nucleus few-body dynamics, and theoretical support is essential for the extraction of structure information from the details of the reaction mechanisms and outcomes.


The overall objectives of TNET are to bring nuclear few-body theory, nuclear many-body valence structure, and nuclear reaction theory to bear on the reactions that will arise in the new GSI & SPIRAL2 experimental facilities. We want to understand the reaction mechanisms in sufficient detail and with sufficient accuracy that useful nuclear structure information may be extracted by the comparison of experimental results with theoretical predictions using specific initial structure models.


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