EURONS Activity N08
Theory Network for Nuclear Structure and Reactions

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TNET Collaborators


Person in Charge

Role and Competence

Univ Surrey

Jeff Tostevin

Few-body models for exotic and halo nuclei,and their use in elastic, transfer , knockout and breakup reactions.

Univ Bergen

Jan Vaagen

Borromean halo nuclei Continuum characteristics and corresponding reaction theory.

UL Bruxelles

Christiane Leclerq-Willain, Pierre Descouvemont

Spectroscopy of nuclei and their reactivity (light exotic nuclei, nuclei far from the stability, superheavy nuclei)

Univ Göteborg

Mikhail Zhukov

Structure and reactions of exotic nuclei

Univ Sevilla

Joaquin Gomez Camacho

Low-energy coupled-channels effects and Dynamic Polarization Potentials.

LMU München

Hermann Wolter

Multistep direct reactions

KTH  Stockholm

Ramon Wyss

Mean Field, alpha and proton decay, generalised pairing interaction

Univ Heulva

Ismael Martel

Continuum discretization, semiclassical models for heavy ion  scattering, quantum phase transitions

UMIST, Manchester

Niels Walet

Ab-initio structure calculations and large-amplitude collective motion.


Marek Ploszajczak

Coupling to the continuum in structure models

Univ Oslo

Morten Hjorth-Jensen

Large-scale shell-model studies, effective interactions,

IPN Orsay

Nguyen Van Giai

Mean-field and RPA calculations


Helmut Leeb

Modelling of reactions for astrophysics

GSI Darmstadt

Hans Feldmeier

Contact with local experimentalists

Univ Lisboa

Antonio Fonseca,
Ana Eiró

Few-body reactions

HIP Helsinki

Dan Riska

Structure and reactions of baryons and heavy flavor mesons. Electroweak nuclear physics

CAS Prague

Jiri Adam

Meson exchange currents (e.m. and weak), three body force, relativistic description


Michele Viviani

Ab initio structure models with correlated basis functions.

ISN Grenoble

Jaume Carbonell

Meson exchange currents (e.m. and weak), three body force, relativistic description

Univ Trento

Giuseppina Orlandini

Electromagnetic interactions with few-nucleon systems at low andintermediate energies. Microscopic description of static properties. Ab initio methods for reactions in the continuum.

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