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    Deliverable D-N08-4.1: Report on task T-N08-4.1                                           

                              Theorists' Visits

 There were two activities supported under this task.

(I) Tostevin (U-Surrey) made a theorist visit to to the experimental group/facility at the Technische Universität München (TUM), the Group of Prof. Dr. Reiner Krucken, from 14th and 15th February 2008.  This visit supported

(a) the training of young experimentalists through the delivery of two lecture sessions on nuclear reaction theory, entitled "Direct reactions methodologies for use at fragmentation beam energies" and "Observing correlations using reactions?". 

(b) The visit also nurtured a new research collaboration on the interpretation of intermediate energy knockout reaction data, taken at GSI.  The research has been submitted as a letters publication (currently with referees) and reported at scientific conferences, such as at the Nuclear Structure 2008 meeting (presenter: Roman Gernhäuser):

(II) The Task also provided partial sponsorship for Surrey and Giessen theorist visits for experimentalists/facilities support and training through attendance at the RHIB / TNET jointly-organised "Quasi-Free Scattering with Radioactive Ion Beams International workshop", from 7th -11th April 2008, held at and partially supported also by the ECT*, Trento. Organisers were: Aumann (RHIB/GSI), Lemmon (Daresbury), Tostevin (TNET/U-Surrey) and Lenske (U-Giessen). Young researchers supported were P. Konrad and A. Fedoseew (U-Giessen) and E.C. Simpson (U-Surrey). The scientific report, list of all participants and all scientific presentations of  the Workshop can also be found at the website

A pdf file of this report is available here.

(updated 24 November 2008)

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