EURONS Activity N08
Theory Network for Nuclear Structure and Reactions

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Project Work

Objectives and expected outcome

The need for the theoretical interpretation of EURONS experiments calls for a Network that will bring together relevant and necessary groups from several different kinds of theoretical activity, alongside the experimental groups. 

Our specific objectives are to

  1. Organise workshops dedicated to specific topics at the interfaces between nuclear few-body theory, nuclear many-body valence structure, and nuclear reaction theory. The objectives of these workshops are to bring together specialists and young researchers in all these fields, to share innovations across the ranges of theory activities.  No less important is to bring to these workshops also both experienced and young experimentalists, in order to influence and benefit from the new experimental proposals alongside us in EURONS.  To this end, we will use already established training forums, such as the HALO Study Weekends, and our Marie Curie Training Sites. We will often choose the ECT* Institute at Trento for the venue of our meetings. 

  2. Encourage training and visits in the development of modern computational techniques, in particular benefiting from the Bergen Computational Physics Laboratory (BCPL), and provide support for the collaborative visits of young theorists in order to establish their connections within the Network.

  3. Give support to Network members to visit specific experimental groups, to clarify specific details for detector configurations, and facilitate the precise analysis of the corresponding results.


The deliverables will be respectively:

(1) the report from the workshop(s) with list of participants and topics discussed,

(2) reports of training visits of theorists to network groups

Milestones and expected result

The milestones of this network will be principally the decisions to organise Workshops at ECT*, Trento.


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