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Second TNET Workshop: 7-11 January 2008

Preamble: A second TNET collaboration workshop will be held at the ECT* in Trento, Italy. The scientific meeting is proposed to  take place from the morning of Monday the 7th January through the afternoon of Friday 11th January 2008. The proposal for the meeting can be accessed at the link at the bottom of this page.


Jeff Tostevin: Department of Physics, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, U.K.

Telephone: +44 1483 686784, Fax: +44 1483 686781, e-mail:

Jan Vaagen: Department of Physics, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

Telephone: +47 55 582724, Fax: +47 55 589440, e-mail:

       Antonio Sa Fonseca: Centro de Fisica Nuclear, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto 2, 1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal

       Telephone: +351 217 904805, Fax: +351 217 954288, e-mail:


The emphasis of the meeting and scientific programme is to review the status of recent theoretical developments with an emphasis on European networks and activity. The Workshop will attempt to identify theoretical themes and associated priorities in the context of new European and International facilities, such as FAIR at the GSI, RIKEN in Japan and evolving US facilities. The present and future capabilities of both theoretical and experimental tools will need to be addressed together with an assessment of the available effort and of opportunities for future networked activity under the FP7 Framework. The scientific programme will address the following broad themes:

Correlations in nuclei: their roles, treatment and observation
Novel phenomena and the study of nuclei far from stability
Novel reaction methodologies: approaches and technologies
Few- and many-body methods - status, opportunities and priorities
Reaction capabilities at future facilities: inclusive versus exclusive capabilities
Break-up, charge-exchange and transfer reaction methods and spectroscopy
Structure models, shell structure and the interface with the continuum
Observables: what do we want and what will be able to be measured?
Capabilities and priorities: effort available and potential opportunities.

It would be helpful if each group could now discuss this agenda and suggest one or more participants and speakers from your group(s). There is expected to be support for local expenses for a significant number of participants from the TNET institutions.  Please send me a considered estimate of the number of people who would like to participate/speak from your partner institute(s) for both planning, assessing financial support and informing ECT* of likely accommodation requirements.

We have identified some potential speakers from outside the TNET groups. This will include some experimental speakers, and members of other groups within EURONS. There is the opportunity to invite additional speakers from both theory or experimental wings to attend. Registration for the Workshop is now closed. Any late participation requests should be addressed to
the organisers.

To allow participants to gather, very informally, before the beginning of the workshop, on Sunday evening (January 6) we have organized a “pizza-dinner” at 8-8.30 pm at the

     Ristorante-Pizzeria ALLA MOSTRA, Piazza Mostra, Trento,

The restaurant is in the square in front of the castle called "Castello del Buonconsiglio". Please let Ines Campo [] know at your earliest convenience if you plan to participate.


An idea of the likely temperatures and weather conditions in Trento can be found here.

Registered participants can also be found here.

The proposal for the collaboration meeting is attached here.

The acceptance of the proposal for the dates indicated is also available.

(updated 3 January 2008)

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